Easy to set-up with its magnetic mount, the CRUISE550MT is a great device for helping you get around. Landmark Guidance Plus using identifiable buildings or points of interest along the route to familiarise you with the area, and Live Traffic and Smart Route historical traffic data give you all the information you need to navigate. It also features Speed Limit and Driver Fatigue Alerts and 3D Junction Views on a 5” smooth glide LCD screen.

The CRUISE550MT is a great all-rounder GPS which is jam packed with features. Landmark Guidance Plus is a great tool for drivers, giving you precise directions like a local would such as “turn right at the bottom of the hill after the church into George Street” that gives extra assurance to drivers and also helps them remember the route. There are also Live Traffic Updates and Smart Route historical traffic data, which, combined with the Trip Optimisation feature, mean that you can make the best possible decisions for your journey. The CRUISE550MT is easy to set up with its magnetic mount and easy to use with a 5” smooth glide LCD screen plus it also has a USB power adapter, with additional USB port. Coming with 3D Junction view and standard Navman safety and driving alerts, it makes for a powerful package.

The CRUISE550MT comes with Navman adventurous routing with which you can avoid all the major highways and find the twisty, hilly roads.

The device also provides warnings for sharp curves, speed cameras, animal crossing, nearby red light and state helmet laws. Bluetooth connectivity helps to make you call from your phone without needing to touch your phone. This GPS device is mp3 compatible, so you can control music on the go.

The Zumo is made for the harsh conditions – UV rays, bright sunlight, dust etc. It is also glove friendly so, you don’t have to take out your gloves every time you want to use the device.


  • Navman adventurous routing
  • Smart rider alerts
  • Hands-free calling
  • Control music and media on the go
  • Rugged design to sustain harsh conditions